About me

This website was created by a fkng nerd in a sunny morning of a october in 2020 in a remote and lost zone of the God's hand in Spain.

Hi, my nickname is Hiroa26 (nowadays I don't wanna say my real name because of a famous spanish law named Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos or Organic Law for the Data Protection) and this is a little project for the High School for learn to programm a website using a programation languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

My intention is update the page uploading the homework and other things that come to mind.

As you can observed, my English level is probably bad. This is because I'm living in Spain and the government and its Educative System are not worried to teach this language correctly, and I wanna be honest writing this page without using an online translator (sometimes).

I hope you can understand me before the government censors this page or authorities of my country arrest me for being critical of this issue.